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The Top 5 Horror Movies Of All Time

Yup, it’s spooky szn. For some, that means candy, costumes, and parties, but the other half of you prefer to have the absolute sh*t scared out of you in your very own living room.

Horror movies are a staple during this time of the year, but which ones will actually get your blood pumping and give you nightmares until Christmas? We’ve got you covered with our go-to list of scream-induced streams.

1. The Shining
“HERE’S JOHNNY!” might be one of the most recognizable movie phrases of all time and it comes from the world-renowned Stephen King movie, The Shining. This classic horror movie produced and directed by movie legend Stanley Kubrick, is based around a father that’s driven to insanity during his job as a winter caretaker at an isolated hotel. After going crazy, the father tries to kill everyone around him, including his own family. The setting is eerie, Jack Nicholson’s performance is legendary, and it’s straight up one of the creepiest movies of all time.

2. Halloween
The OG. If the name Michael Myers doesn’t send a chill through your spine, then you probably haven’t watched Halloween. This origin story movie follows the legendary masked terror Michael Myers, who killed his sister and was sent to a mental hospital. In absolutely no surprise to anyone, he escapes (bet you didn’t see that coming) and returns to his hometown to continue his murderous urges. Even though it’s nearly 45 years old, this is absolute classic slasher still holds up and has inspired enough Halloween costumes and scares to last a lifetime.

3. The Exorcist
Little girls possessed by demons? Doesn’t get much more terrifying than that. If you’re looking for a movie that we’d recommend you watch in broad daylight, this is it. The Exorcist is one of the most well-known horror movies of all time and will be sure to keep you up for several nights (months?) to come.

4. Scream
Yup, the name is accurate. The movie follows a serial killer in a small town that’s been preying on teens and evading capture for quite some time. Packed full of suspense, terror, and memorable performances, it’s quickly become one of the best Halloween movies (and costumes) of all time.

5. IT
Two words: Terrifying Clown. Do we even need to continue here? Yet another entry by the legendary Stephen King, this one features a demon on the loose in the form of a psychotic killer clown. Yeah, that’s going to be a no from us. This movie is downright terrifying, especially if you’re one of the unlucky people in this world with a fear of clowns (so, everyone then right?) From peeking out of drains to the mind-numbing evil laugh, IT should definitely be on your horror movie watchlist. The original is equally as terrifying as the recent remake, so pick your poison carefully!

Pop some popcorn, lock the door, and get ready for some Halloween frights! Wait...what was that sound? 

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