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Tips to Make Your Soap Last Longer

Want to last longer?!

Same, same.

And guess what, your soaps want to last longer too. Unfortunately there’s no magic little pill for soap and they don’t have any grandparents to imagine running around naked on a frozen winter tundra whilst reciting the alphabet backwards with a baseball game playing in the distance to distract themselves from the inevitab–well uh, I digress.

It’s true soaps don’t have the same tips and tricks that we humans do. But I’ve got good, no, great news. It is not hard to make your soaps last longer!

That’s where we come in. (wink wink)

The Kamasoaptra : How To Make Your Soap Last Longer

Only whip it out when you need it! Storing your soap in a dry place like a drawer or the linen closet keeps it out of the elements while maintaining the element of surprise! Your soap will maintain its hard form AND your shower partner will be so excited to finally see it in all its glory. Nobody is impressed by limp, squishy objects in the shower. Nobody.

Who’s your caddy?! Doesn’t matter what you’re into, your soaps should be on a Caddy whenever they’re in the shower. Not only can you store more soaps to help mix things up, it’s got handy dandy placement for anything else you like to bring into the shower. Loofahs included. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Sometimes you need more than just your hands. While the old school might suggest a washcloth, one the best new toys in the game is the Soap Gripper. Yup, no more wasted suds, no gooey residue and no more slippery soaps.

Savor the moment and save your soap! If you don’t have a caddy to set it on, grab a Soap Saver. Trust us, it’ll be worth it to show your soap a good time after a good time. Where else would a bar be able to rest, relax, dry out and keep its shape?

To wrap up (which is a tip to last longer in and of itself) – please remember that if your soap ISN’T lasting longer than 4 showers then you do need to call a doctor. It just so happens we have one in mind.

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