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The Dr. Squatch Soap - Star Wars™ Collection


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SKU: amz-3pack-best

EAN: 851817007047
size_name: 3 Bars

SKU: amz-3pack-best4

EAN: 851817007320
size_name: 3 Bars

SKU: amz-5pack-best6

EAN: 851817007337
size_name: 5 Bars

SKU: amz-5pack-best7

EAN: 851817007375
size_name: 5 Bars

item_name: Dr. Squatch Men's Soap Sampler Pack (5 Bars) – Cool Fresh Aloe, Gold Moss, Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt Bars – Natural Manly Scented Organic Soap for Men (5 Bar Bundle Set)

SKU: co-bar-sb

EAN: 863765000070
scent_name: #1 Spearmint Basil

SKU: co-bar-ci

EAN: 851817007153
scent_name: #6 Crisp IPA

 SKU: amz-10pack-best

EAN: 851817007276
item_name: Dr. Squatch Men's Soap Gift Set (10 Bars) – Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, Bay Rum, Spearmint Basil, Crisp IPA, Cool Fresh Aloe, Nautical Sage, Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt, Deep Sea Goat's Milk, Gold Moss

SKU: amz-5pack-best4

EAN: 851817007160
size_name: 5 Bars

SKU: co-bar-cfa

EAN: 863765000063
scent_name: #1 Cool Fresh Aloe


SKU: amz-3pack-pt

EAN: 851817007023
size_name: 3 Bars

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