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The Top 3 Squatch Scents Women Love Most

You wanna smell your best right? Welp, we did the research for you! We surveyed a gang of gals, crunched the numbers, and zeroed in on the top 3 scents women loved most.

#1 - Wood Barrel Bourbon
This is it, the top draft pick from all the women we polled. They loved the rich and rugged notes and the overall masculine vibe. They said:
"The scent is this perfect mix of masculine, musky and little sweet. If a guy smells like this I just know he's attractive."

"It gives– he can be a rugged badass by day, but a true gentleman by night."

Love a rugged, masculine scent? Start with our Wood Barrel Bourbon-inspired cologne Fireside Bourbon or check out a few other recs our surveyed women loved like our classic Pine Tar Bundle, Woodland Pine Cologne, or Maverick Musk.

#2 - Coconut Castaway
Turns out the ladies we polled love a scent that took them to a tropical getaway and inspired thoughts of white sand beaches and refreshing breezes.

"There's something about the tropical scent on a guy that I absolutely love. It really makes me feel like we're on a private island getaway, laying out on the beach all day."

"The scent is light and breezy, summertime fine! It's irresistible."

Smelling irresistible sounds pretty great right? Yeah, we thought so too. If you're feeling the vibe of a fresh and light scent give these other winners a try: Summer Citrus or Birchwood Breeze.

#3: - Rainforest Rapids
In third position was the jungle-inspired freshness of Rainforest Rapids. This light, energizing scent scored major points for it's refreshing balance. P.S. - there's a Rainforest Rapids-ispired cologne scent too, Rainforest Mist.

"This smells sooo good! It makes me think of a guy who can be both wild and sophisticated."

"Fresh and invigorating, this scent turns my guy from a stinky ogre to filling the bathroom with fresh eucalyptus, reminding me of a Costa Rican spa and leaves him ready to take on an adventure in the jungle like Indiana Jones."

Ogre to Indiana Jones? Yeah, we're in.

Can't get enough of the refreshing and energizing scent of Rainforest Rapids? You're probably gonna want to try these similar scents too. Check out Fresh Falls and Cool Fresh Aloe.

Explore all the rest of our women-approved scents right here.

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