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Common Scents: How To Wear Cologne

Smelling great is key, but wearing cologne properly is an art that requires some proper execution. No matter how you approach this important journey, the road can be filled with danger and landmines. Fear not Squatch Nation, we’re here to guide you through the pitfalls safely and confidently so you can emerge feeling your best and smelling damn good day in and day out!

  1. Less Is More: The stone cold, #1 takeaway. If you follow one and one rule only, let this be it, 1-2 sprays is all you need! Remember, you want to tantalize, not suffocate, those around you. Aim for pulse points like the wrists, neck, and chest—these areas emanate heat, enhancing the fragrance without overwhelming.

  2. Timing Is Everything: As with many things in life, it’s all about timing. Apply right after a shower when your pores are open, and your skin is clean and slightly damp. This helps lock in the scent, ensuring it lasts longer and blends seamlessly with your body’s natural oils.

  3. Know Your Scents: Look, you’re not gonna wear a tux to the gym right? (You are? Respect.) So, it’s time to think about different colognes for different occasions and seasons. Understand the fragrance families—woody, citrus, oriental, etc.—and choose one that complements the mood and setting. Save the intense, woody notes for cooler weather or nighttime nights and opt for light, citrusy scents for warmer weather and daytime wear.

  4. Layering Is Key: Want your scent to linger throughout the day? Layer that up like a lasagna. Choose cologne that will complement the scents of your soap and deodorant, you want your scents to play like all-start starting 5, not compete. This creates a subtle base that enhances the longevity and depth of your chosen scent. Plus, it adds an extra dimension to your smell game for an all-important level up.

  5. Mind Your Environment: Your cologne should enhance your presence, not announce your arrival from a mile away. Be mindful of your surroundings—opt for lighter, fresher scents in close quarters like the office and save the heavier, muskier ones for evenings out. Your colleagues (and your date) will thank you for it! When in doubt, just skip the cologne all together.

  6. Don’t Rub, Pat: You’ve probably seen people vigorously rub their wrists together after applying cologne—big mistake! This actually breaks down the molecular structure of the fragrance, altering its scent profile. Instead, lightly pat your skin to help the fragrance settle naturally.

  7. Storage Matters: Respect your scents — store ‘em a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. This helps preserve its integrity and ensures it stays fresh for longer. Cologne can wither and expire too (depending on the type), so if it’s been a few years, consider a replacement or this as an opportunity to try something new. (We’re looking at you bottle of Drakkar Noir from 7th grade.)

  8. Know When to Reapply: Just like your smartphone needs a recharge, your cologne may need a little touch-up throughout the day. If you find the scent fading, a little touch up on your pulse points should do the trick. But remember, moderation is key and everyone’s body chemistry reacts differently, so use a trial and error process.

  9. Experiment To Find Your Signature Scent - Colognes interact with each person differently and uniquely, so date around and give different scents a try. They’ll also evolve over time as they sit on your skin so don;’t be afraid to test a few trial runs before. From there, embrace your signature scent but don’t be afraid to try something new and unexpected!

Bonus round: we did the hard work for you! Our range of natural Squatch fragrances are inspired by our classic scents and pair perfectly with our soap and deo scents. Keep 'em in the same family like Pine Tar and Woodland Pine or mix and match like Fresh Falls and Fireside BourbonCheck 'em out right here.

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