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How To Use A Safety Razor

If you haven’ tried a safety razor, now’s the time, and If it was good enough for the badasses of the Greatest Generation and your handsome-ass grandfather, it’s definitely good enough for you. Whether you’re cutting the entire lawn or just trimming the hedges, it’s gonna change your shaving game. That said, there are a few things you need to know. 

First though, here’s a little bit about why a proper safety razor is a whole different beast.

Better Blade = Better Performance
The perfectly-angled, fixed blade doesn’t flex like standard razors resulting in a smooth, comfortable shave that is close but not too close for less irritation and cuts.

Less Skin Irritation
Close but not too close means smooth, skin-friendly shaving with less irritation and razor bumps, especially if you have sensitive skin.

High-Performance Design
From the premium, aerospace-grade materials to the ergonomic design, this razor is designed for a championship-level shear.

Environmentally and Cost-Friendly
Easily replaceable safety razors are affordable and cut down on waste and are much more wallet-friendly in the long run. 


How To Use A Safety Razor
Get ready for the Squatchin’ smoothest, most comfortable shave of your life, here’s how to do it right. Grab yours right here!

Step 1: Proper Preparation

  • A good shave starts with a clean mug, preferably one that’s been exfoliated to remove excess dead skin and ensure a close, comfortable shave. Use a good face wash and you’re setting yourself up for success.

Step 2: Set Up Your Razor

  • Unscrew the head by twisting the handle counter-clockwise, make sure to hold the head at the short sides. The top cap and base will come apart. Put the base plate to the side. 
  • Making sure to hold the short sides of the top cap only, place the blade on the post inside the top cap of the razor. Place the base plate on the top cap. The two oval holes in the base plate should line up with the post. 
  • Screw the handle back onto the post coming through the base plate. 
  • Double check your work! Make sure the handle is fully screwed in and that the base plate is facing the right way. 

Step 3: The Shave

  • Shave in long, smooth strokes and apply light pressure. This bad boy is sharp, so start light, you may be surprised at how little pressure it takes.
  • Rinse and repeat! Keep the blade clean for maximum shaving comfort.

Step 4: The Afterparty

  • Apply a light layer of moisturizer to help soothe, repair and protect your skin.

Damn you look good! For more info, check this out!

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