Destination Summer: 5 More Under-The-Radar Travel Spots

Summer’s here and we’re back with some more of our go-to under-the-radar summer destinations! Plus, as a special bonus for this go 'round we polled a few members of Team Squatch for their favorite spots.

Skip the tourists, enjoy some nature, crack open a cold one and LFG, these destinations are exactly what you need!


Breckenridge, Colorado
Sure, you probably know it as one of the best ski/snowboard resort towns in the US, but it’s equally as good in the summer too. Easily accessible from Denver, it’s not only a great spot for small mountain town life, breweries, hiking and more, it’s also a world-class epicenter for fly fishing in the summer. 

"Breck is the perfect summer mountain adventure, don’t miss Breckenridge Distillery in town, great spot for bourbon and food.” - Scott, Word Nerd

Guadalupe Valley, Mexico
Wine country in Mexico? You’re damn right. Just an hour south of San Diego lies one of the best under-the-radar wine regions IN THE WORLD. Seriously. Phenomenal restaurants, amazing and unique wines, beautiful design-y hotels, and incredible scenery make this a must-stop for anyone looking for a next-level, but unique trip.

“Wine? Yes, I’m in. Seriously though, such a fun and surprising adventure and the restaurants were amazing.” - Aimee, International Marketing Woman of Mystery

Morro Bay, California
A low key beach town that’s not as overrun with tourists, Morro Bay is the quintessential Central California beach vibe. Great beaches, a ton of outdoor activities, plus a range of great restaurants and side trips make it the perfect place for a unique beach vacation.

"Not your usual California beach vibe but in the best possible way." - Andy, Lifecycle Lord

Anacortes / San Juan Islands, Washington
Post up in Anacortes, a delightful small town at the northern tip of Washington state and explore the surrounding areas for an amazing PNW experience. Ferries leave from Anacortes to a range of different islands in the San Juans for day trips or quick overnighters. By car you can explore Whidbey and Camano Islands or venture to other great small towns like Edmonds, Woodinville (mentioned here before), and Bellingham.

"The San Juans in the summer are just *italian hand*, amazing weather, beautiful nature, and great small towns. Do it, do it now.” - Garrett, Ad Assassin

Traverse City, Michigan
The perfect summertime Great Lakes experience. Boating, swimming, water sports, golf, plus great bars and restaurants. This is it. Don’t miss Sleeping Bear Dunes for it’s freshwater beaches, forested dunes, and great camping.

"Summer in Traverse City is the move. God, I'm passionate about Michigan." - Kirstie, Michigan Native and Packaging Queen

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