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5 Tips To Level Up Your Hygiene Routine

In the words of NFL Hall of Famer, the immortal Deion “Primetime” Sanders: "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good." 

What more needs to be said? Here’s a few tips to get you looking and feeling “Primetime” good.

#1 - Stop reusing that mildew-y towel

Let’s start simple. We know that there is a towel somewhere in your bathroom that has been the go-to towel for WEEKS. No judgment, we’ve all been there. That musty towel smell is the same issue that happens with dirty mop heads that are not left to dry properly. A moist, warm environment is most favorable to germs. When a towel gets a sour, gross smell, it’s a sign that bacteria is breeding and growing. Not good. Look, we aren’t saying that you can’t reuse the towel more than once, but it’s best to have a couple of towels on deck and to let them completely dry between uses and washing after a handful of uses. Let your nose be your guide.

#2 - Washing between your butt cheeks

Ok, maybe this goes without saying. Or maybe we need to say it. Either way, let’s go through it one more time for the people in the back. It’s time to start washing in between them cheeks fellas. Believe it or not, toilet paper is not enough. In fact, it is NEVER enough. Doctors recommend washing with a gentle cleanser in the shower to make sure you get rid of anything left behind. This halts the spread of bacteria which can lead to gross things like fungal infections, among other things. Maybe it’s time to invest in a bidet toilet attachment? There are great options to be had.

#3 - Not shampooing every single day

We’ve mentioned this tip before and it bears repeating. Contrary to popular belief, you actually shouldn’t wash your hair every single day. Over-washing on any hair type will over-strip its natural oils from your hair and scalp, your hair feeling dry and brittle. Other signs of over-washing include extreme frizziness and a flaky, dry scalp. In reality, you really only need to wash your hair with shampoo 2-3 times per week. You can use conditioner more often as it can help keep your hair moisturized and manageable.

#4 - Having a good (but simple!) skincare routine

We’re not here to shame, we’re here to help. So if your “skincare routine” means “soap and water”, all good! But it’s time to start thinking bigger. We’re not saying add a million steps or fancy products, just a few simple additions like the right cleanser, some moisturizer, and regular use of sunscreen. That’s it, seriously. We’ve talked about the benefits before and there’s no time like the present.

#5 - Washing your feet everyday

We get it, some days you’re exhausted and you just want to sit on the couch, crack a beer and catch up on a few episodes of The Office before bed. But taking a few minutes to properly cleanse your feet (and let’s face it, the rest of you) is critical. Not only are you going to keep away foot fungus and bacteria, but you’re going to Squatch bigger issues like foot odor. Warts, athlete’s foot, and rank dogs are nothing to joke about, and we’re thinking the significant others or casual lovers in your life would tend to agree too. So do us all a favor for your health and the health of others, and rinse your feet off before you get them ZZZs.

Small changes, quick fixes, and just a little bit of extra effort will go a long way in keeping your hygiene where it needs to be. While you may not notice the positive effects immediately, the extra effort will absolutely be worth it in the long run.

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