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Shop smarter with our holiday gift box

We love welcoming new residents to Squatch Nation. The holidays tend to be the perfect time for new virtual neighbors. After all, once you buy your cousin Rob a Dr. Squatch Holiday Gift Box, it’s only a matter of time before he ends up with a Soapscription of his own. But how do you know it’s time to gift someone with the gift of Squatch? We put together a few tips of what makes someone an ideal candidate for a gift of our soap.

  1. Squatch Nation appreciates natural ingredients

We base our whole soap-making philosophy on crafting a quality product out of natural ingredients. We’ve researched the benefits of natural ingredients and done a lot of quality control testing to find the right balance of scent to soap.

If your Uncle Paul tends to snack on cheese in a can, he might not appreciate a bar of Pine Tar soap, which boasts only eight ingredients, all of which can be found in nature and pronounced without using that crazy pronunciation tool on Google.

  1. Dr. Squatch fans appreciate clean skin — not just good smelling skin

We pride ourselves on our scents. Dr. Squatch knows the power of finding your favorite scent and appreciates the qualities of various essential oils. But we know without high quality soap, all the scent in the world just covers up dirt. Our cold process produces soap that gets you seriously clean without drying your skin.

If you’re doing Secret Santa at work, you might not want to gift a bar of Bay Rum to your cubicle mate who considers a healthy splash of cologne the only shower he needs after his morning workouts.

  1. Squatch Nation has room for everyone

Our soap might not be one scent fits all, but we think you can find a gift for almost everyone on your list. Maybe Grandpa’s not ready for Dr. Squatch. He’s been using the same soap and aftershave combination for the last forty years.

But take a look at Grandma’s wish list. She’s the last one on the dance floor at family weddings, she DVRs late, late night comedy specials, and she might just love one of our Gift Boxes. We recommend the Holiday Bundle. It’s an awesome deal at $65, and she can use the cigar box to store her knitting supplies when she’d done with her soap.

  1. Squatch Nation welcomes new adventures

We know our customers don’t fit neatly into one of our repurposed cigar boxes. But one thing we notice they have in common is an eye for adventure. That means different things to different people, of course, from starting their own businesses to booking global vacations to spontaneous weekend road trips.

Grab your favorite adventurer one of our Deluxe Holiday Bundles. Not only do they get to unwrap an amazing gift at your holiday celebration, they receive 9 months of Dr. Squatch. This gift tops them all, so make sure not to use it on someone who doesn’t like trying new things. After all, we know you’ll be somewhere exciting in 2018, and you want this gift to go to people who live for a little excitement in their lives.

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